Happiness is a Choice!

Remember, YOU are in control of your own Happiness!  

You have the ability within yourself to choose to have a positive outlook, regardless of the circumstances you are in right now. 

 It's not always easy. It takes mindfulness of your thoughts and recognizing when you are taking yourself down a negative path.

However, YOU HAVE THE POWER!  YOU CAN control your outlook on life by taking the time to quiet your mind, talk to God, Be Thankful for what you DO have going for you and the people around you, ask Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and actions in a positive way that helps others and brings value to your community.

Here at Happiness and Healing we are on a mission to Perpetuate Positivity and Spread Happiness and Healing by promoting the benefits of Christian Meditation, Thankfulness, and the study of Positive Energy, and the Healing Properties of Music and Frequency.

Thank You for joining Us and Our Mission!



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