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Happiness is a Choice! 

Remember, YOU are in control of your own Happiness!  

You have the ability within yourself to choose to have a positive outlook, regardless of the circumstances you are in right now. 

 It's not always easy. It takes mindfulness of your thoughts and recognizing when you are taking yourself down a negative path.

However, YOU HAVE THE POWER!  YOU CAN control your outlook on life by taking the time to quiet your mind, talk to God, Be Thankful for what you DO have going for you and the people around you, ask Jesus to send the Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts and actions in a positive way that helps others and brings value to your community.

Here at Happiness and Healing we are on a mission to Perpetuate Positivity and Spread Happiness and Healing by promoting the benefits of Christian Meditation, Thankfulness, and the study of Positive Energy, and the Healing Properties of Music and Frequency.

Thank You for joining Us and Our Mission!



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Our Mission and Story of Happiness and Healing 

Happiness and Healing Mission Statement 

To actively promote the state of Happiness and the spirit of Healing with the goal of perpetuating a force of positive energy.

 Through the spreading of the knowledge that, by harnessing energy, vibration, flow, and frequency, we can alter our personal outcomes and not only become closer to God but find that inner spirit of Happiness and the physical and mental Healing that is needed by so many in the world today who are seeking to improve their mental, physical and spiritual well being. 

Hi, I’m Hal Bruni. I began my Happiness and Healing journey several years ago. 

You know, if you want to search for the negative these days, it is not hard to find. 

I remember the moment I realized what all the negativity was not only doing to me, but to the majority of my friends and the people I came in contact with- either in person or in my online communities. 

I was battling a terrible bout with what I came to find out was an awfully bad case of tendonitis.  My elbows and ankles froze up so bad and I was in such terrible pain that all I wanted to do was lie in bed and try not to move.  

Which was difficult at times because I had a full time job as an inspector in a pipe fabrication plant. 

And it can be a pretty physical job with a lot of walking, bending, and climbing around.  Other times it was really easy to just lie there because I was working away from my home and family and living in a lonely hotel room.  It was only a few weeks before that I had been laid off from my job in town and not only was I working away from home, but I was also earning a third less money. 

So, I found myself lying there not wanting to move, eating whatever junk food that was close enough to devour and doing whatever it took to kill the pain- and I am sure it doesn’t take many of you too long to know exactly what I’m talking about- medicating myself with wine, vodka, whiskey, over the counter pills, under the table pills, cannabis concoctions- you get the picture.  

I got so fed up with not knowing what was wrong and the pills that I went to the doctor in this town to see what he could do to help me and…Did you ever see the Seinfeld episode where George fakes an arm injury, and he pretends that his arm does this involuntary motion? Funny episode. 

But it was kind of like that- the doctor didn’t believe that I actually had anything wrong with me and thought I was there to just try and get a script.  I told him flat out- I appreciate that, but I really want to know what the hell is wrong with me and how I can fix it because I can hardly walk, and I cannot bend my arms! 

Anybody has a similar experience where a doctor just wanted to give you pills when you went there looking for a real answer? 

I was also surfing social a lot because I could not move very much and a most of my friends seemed to be in a whole lot of pain as well. 

One friend, out of nowhere, had a stroke at an early age. Folks were unhappy in their relationships or having trouble with their kids.  Several friends had lost their jobs like me and I although very unhappy, I knew was lucky to be working.  A lot of people close to me were, like I was, still trying to deal with the loss of a good friend, Wayne Mills. 

And it occurred to me that something had to be done.  The world seemed to be a sad, dark and desperate place that was in serious need of some- Happiness.   

After all, in this Country one of our founding principles is the individuals God given right to pursue Happiness.  And everyone was seeming to give up on the thought of even pursuing Happiness- let alone finding that state of peace of mind where we are genuinely Happy. 

And Healing- Lord, don’t get me started on how much pain and suffering there is around us every day that needs to be Healed in this world. Not only the physical pain that many of us endure on a daily basis due to one personal challenge or another, but the emotional pain of not having the understanding or control of our mental state of mind because we are ignorant of how our mind works and most of us go around from day to day in a constant state of reacting to what happens around us and not responding in any sensible way, once we understand that we can control what we think and how we react and thus, have a much greater possibility of altering our outcome in any situation to turn what seems to be- or may actually be a REAL negative , at the time, into a REAL positive. 

Right there in that lonely, dark hotel room, while in real pain I realized something had to be done to promote the spirit of Happiness and Healing and I had to start figuring ways of HOW TO DO IT! 

That’s how it began.  I had no idea at that moment in that dark and lonely place.  How that one thought.  That one spark and decision would forever change my life and set me on the path that I’m on today and had brought me in contact with you. 

This movement and this platform is designed to bring everything I’ve learned the past few years in my own journey of Happiness And Healing to you and anyone who is in search of these kinds of tools, techniques and knowledge to help them find the relief they need from the pain or frustration they are dealing with. 

Here you will find different teachings from a variety of sources that I have found useful in the areas of Mind, Body and Spirit wellness. 

For the Mind there are Christian based guided meditations videos and articles on how the mind works. 

There is also information on the study of energy and frequency and how that relates to the mind, information on abundance and how living in a state of abundance, as opposed to a state of lack, affects the mind and can effect your physical reality.  The practice of Thankfulness and Gratitude is covered here, as well.

For the Body there is information on exercise, diet and dietary supplements and products to help you maintain a state of physical wellbeing that contributes to your overall Happiness and Healing. 

For the Spirit there are Motivational videos, audio books and memes- everyone loves a good meme!  There are also meditation videos with healing frequencies for the Mind and Spirit. 

So that is the story of Happiness and Healing.  

It is the story of how I began to find my own Happiness, how I discovered the root causes of the pain I was experiencing in my life, and how I am learning to recover from that pain and Heal from the inside out. 

It is the story that became my mission to help perpetuate positivity whenever and wherever I can, in hopes that I can help someone else find some relief and find the Happiness and Healing they are searching for in their life. 

I hope you find some of the resources here helpful in your own journey.  

Thank you for your support, 


Happiness and Healing