Ash Wednesday, New Beginnings

It's Ash Wednesday 2022, so it is the perfect day for New Beginnings.


  There has been a lot to deal with in the recent, months and years.  A LOT to deal with. For everyone.

  It is the same here at Happiness and Healing, as out fearless leader, Hal, has been recovering- first from Covid over the late summer and still from the ruptured Achilles injury and subsequent surgery.

  However, we are gearing back up to bring you great content and quality products and services to help you along your Happiness and Healing journey, and we are excited about the Springtime, the Lenten Season, and New Beginnings,    so be sure to follow our Social sites and visit for all of the new updates Coming Soon!

  Be sure to join our list for all of our updates and other special offers reserved for those who sign up! 

  In the meantime, we'd love to know how you are doing on your own Happiness and Healing Journey and what you are doing, or hope to do, to take care of your own Mind, Body and Spirit Wellness and to help others along the way!

  Let us know in the comments and as always, we are open to suggenstions for new content you'd like to see here, subjects you'd like to see more blog posts about, and products you'd like to see us offer to help you on your own journey to find your personal Happiness and Healing.




Perpetuate Positivity    


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